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"Printing and copying devices can be penetrated and hijacked for fraud so that sensitive data or identity is easily stolen..."
A quote from " Safe printing: a forgotten link" published by the enisa (European Network and Information Security Agency)

Chateaurel GmbH

Output devices for office environments have gone through an amazing development during the last years. Today’s multifunction devices (MFPs) are all-in-one products with enhanced functions, such as email and fax, or workflow capabilities. This often poses new challenges to the IT and infrastructure departments of an organisation.

Chateaurel - Your partner for innovative and effective printing solutions

Ensuring device security has become a necessary and very complex task. Modern systems have hard disks and provide extensive communication capabilities, as well as many security functions that remain largely unused.

The cost effectiveness of printers can often be increased with simple tools and strategies (especially when there are established structures).

Centralized fleet management facilitates and automates the configuration of individual devices. This will also increase security and cost effectiveness and minimise the danger of a misconfiguration.

Chateaurel is member of the HP Solution Business Partner Program, SafeCom Certified Partner and Registered Member of the Microsoft Partner Program.

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